italy france tour packages

italy france tour packages

italy france tour packages, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and enjoy with family and friends. And celebration and relaxation usually take place around the table in a restaurant.High art and monuments are to be found everywhere around the country. Its great cities of art, like Rome, Venice and Florence are world famous and have been attracting visitors . Italy also features beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains. No wonder it is often nicknamed the  beautiful country.With so many amazing sights, putting together a top 10 list of tourist attractions in Italy is no easy task.

italy france tour packages

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The world famous Pisa Tower was built over a period of about 177 years. When the construction resumed the engineers built higher floors with one side taller than the other to compensate for the tilt and the tower was finally finished in the 2nd half of the 14th century. Since 2001, the famous tower in Pisa is again open to those wishing to climb it’s 296 steps.


The Colosseum in Rome is the largest and most famous  in the Roman world. Its construction was started  in 72 AD and was finished  in 80 AD. The Colosseum are probably the most famous tourist sights in Italy. The Colosseum remains as a magnificent ancient stadium which can still be explored top to bottom. Despite their popularity however, the truth is that the throngs of tourists and cheap-looking ‘legionaries’ take something away from the majesty of these ancient buildings – but then perhaps that adequately reflects what they would have actually been like in their prime – noisy, bustling and anarchic – the ironic beating heart of an Empire whose mission was to bring order from chaos.


France has some of the most beautiful and lively cities and tourist attractions in the world. With TSI Holidays outbound tourist packages, you can explore the famous with the lesser known attractions and events on your tour to France and its cities.


italy france tour packages


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